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This fantastic resistance band is an innovative method of improving dynamic stretch and core strength popular with dancers and athletes. Being wrapped within the Stretch-eze during resistance exercises supplies upper and lower body pressure for support and joint stability, promoting muscle elasticity, body alignment, coordination, and development of a solid body core.

This individual nylon lycra stretch band developed by dance/movement therapist Kimberly Dye, is used for resistance and stretch exercises. Wrap it around your shoulders and put in your feet. Feel snug, supported, and able to press into the resistance to create a cleaner access to the intrinsic core muscles with no build up of tension. Popular with dancers and athletes, Stretch-eze bands provide sensory proprioceptive feedback that facilitates increased awareness of form, whole body fascial connectivity, and dynamic, three dimensional movement.

The benefits realized from using the Stretch-eze ® resistance band:

  • Assistance and resistance facilitating cleaner access to core
  • Proprioception and tactile feedback for balanced muscle use
  • Connectivity between upper and lower body for whole body movement

Five Sizes:
X-Small - 4' 0" to 4' 7" (122-140cm)
Small - 4' 7" to 5' 2" (140-157cm)
Medium - 5' 2" to 5' 7" (157-170cm
Tall - 5' 7" to 5' 11" (170-180cm)
X-Tall - 5' 11" and over (>180cm)

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Dye-namic Movement Stretch-eze Body Fitness Band

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Product code: DMSE
Great for kids and adults alike, the Stretch-eze promotes muscle elasticity, body alignment, coordination and upper and lower body pressure for support and joint stability.
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