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Stimulate The Senses

Posted on in Blog by Educate with Toys
Looking for that perfect gift? This favorite ride on toy will help children gain balance and coordination skills while having a blast!

Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on in Blog by Educate with Toys
Overwhelmed by the many gifts you need to buy before the upcoming Holidays? So many choices and confused where to turn? We'll hold your hand throughout the process and guide you in buying the very best products at the very best prices!

Know The Power Of No!

Posted on in Blog by Educate with Toys
It’s a small word that requires great conviction. It’s a short word with a lifelong lasting impact. It’s a negative that achieves much positive. It’s the power of NO.

Children Live By The Ideals We Practice

Posted on in Blog by Educate with Toys
Children live by the ideals we practice. As a parent, self-improvement does not only transform you as a person. It has a direct effect on your family. Children respect a parent who is sincere and truly seeks to grow. They are more willing to accept rebuke and improve when they notice that the parent is also striving to better herself. They even end up emulating the parent’s example and striving to attain more in their own way.

How To Get Your Kids To Listen

Posted on in Blog by Educate with Toys
The most precious gift you’ve ever received is… your child. Along with this priceless gift, you’ve also received your most all-encompassing task of raising your child.

Is ADHD a disability?

Posted on in Blog by Educate with Toys
Is ADHD a disability? Well, it depends…! Many of our greatest leaders, innovators, and activists have been spurred on to reach their great accomplishments thanks to their ADHD-derived extra energy, innovation, and courage. At the same time, it is true that many of society’s underachievers blame their life’s failures on their ADHD challenges.

5 Great Tools For The Homeschooling Mom

Posted on in Blog by Educate with Toys
Empower your children to succeed through our great teaching tools. Whether you're looking for math games, language arts or science experiments, we've got what it takes to help you on your journey of homeschooling your children. It's not an easy path, so hang in there as we help you along your journey!

ADHD - A Weakness In Executive Functioning

Posted on in Blog by Educate with Toys
ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, has evolved from a terminology in the psychologist’s textbook to a common household adjective. Still, while the ADHD profile is primarily associated with distractibility, impulsivity, and hyperactivity, ongoing research has discovered that, in reality, ADHD is a much more encompassing disorder.


Posted on in Blog by Educate with Toys
Sometimes, you can teach your child to tackle perfectionism by showing him how to strive for the same end result, but to get there in a positive way, Teach your child to differentiate between perfectionism and industriousness. Encourage your child to work hard to do his best, so he can be best and experience life at its best. We don't want lazy underachievers. However,

Bringing The Outdoors Inside Your Home

Posted on in Blog by Educate with Toys
It's cold, it's rainy and you really don't want to go out. But then your 5 year old starts fighting with his younger sibling and he's taking every toy and object in his reach and starts throwing them around... basically, turning your house upside down. What do you do now?!?!?! Your child needs some stimulation, a walk outdoors or just
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