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Hello Friends!

Welcome to Educate With Toys. Here at Educate With Toys we are committed to selling products that are helpful in the long term approach in raising educated and successful children.

We are a terrific resource for all your educational and sensory needs. Our products are both engaging and educational which will easily enthrall your children, leaving you without the constant nagging of convincing your children that learning is the key to their success. Our games are such fun that your children will be oblivious to the learning experience that they are engrossed in.

Our founder, Sharon Green, comes with decades of experience in education. She has been teaching high school for the past twenty years, she is a mother of six, and she is a parent educator; educating parents in the skills necessary in raising healthy and responsible children. Sharon's goal in founding Educate With Toys is to help you help your children succeed in school and achieve to the best of their ability.